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Subsidy Schemes

Lighting is the second largest electrical energy use next to air-conditioning. About 15% electrical energy was consumed for illumination in Hong Kong. So it is not surprising that in the drive to reduce energy consumption, lighting has attracted a lot of attention. Reduction of lighting energy consumption can be realized by using energy efficient lighting equipment.

Therefore, Hong Kong Electric and CLP Power provide subsidy or funding schemes for commercial, residential and industrial building. The schemes can be helped the landlord, property management, enterprise improving the energy saving and energy management more smart. 

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Under the CLP Eco Building Fund, residential, commercial and industrial buildings can receive subsidies for energy-saving improvement works. The fund awards up to HK$100 million every year.

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Smart Power Building

Buildings located within the supply territory of HK Electric., which carry out retrofitting, retro-commissioning (RCx) or building-based smart technology projects to enhance the energy efficiency of communal building services installations

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Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme

The Electrical Equipment Upgrade Scheme (EEUS) applies to all business customers except temporary electricity accounts and government accounts. Your supply address must match where your electrical equipment is, or will be installed.  

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Energy-efficient Equipment Subsidy

The programme subsidises non-residential customers to retrofit energy-efficient equipment for enhancing energy efficiency. Premises covered by the service addresses of HK Electric's Non-Residential Tariff or Maximum Demand Tariff electricity accounts, where energy audit has been conducted by HK Electric before the start of the projects.

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