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Terms & Conditions

Purchase instructions:

LED products

  • The company does not charge any additional fees for all goods shipped in Hong Kong (except for China mainland or Overseas regions).

  • All quotations are settled in Hong Kong dollars, and do not include local taxes, freight, surcharges and customs clearance fees. The customer must handle the relevant costs by themselves, and the company is not responsible.

  • There are differences in the output of LED lamps (such as color temperature, luminous flux, uniformity, etc.), please read the product datasheet carefully or contact our technical consultant.

    • ​The lumen value of the the lamp is the test data under steady state. It is generally set at 30 minutes and tested at 25ºC at room temperature. There is a 7-10% tolerance.

    • The color temperature value of the lamp is the test data  under steady state. It is generally set at 30 minutes and tested at room temperature 25ºC. Due to different LED manufacturers, there is a 3-5 steps MacAdam Ellipse tolerance.

    • The color temperature is different from the phosphor recipe used by the LED manufacturers, resulting in the same color temperature range with color deviation. So note that it is recommended to use LEDs from the same manufacturer as products.

  • ​The life of LED lamps is based on the data provided by the LED manufacturers. For different environments, temperature, humidity, drive current, heat dissipation and other factors, their life is also different. Please read the product datasheet carefully or contact our technical consultant.

  • The products with LED dimming will have different dimming curves. Our company can make modifications according to customer requirements (such as linear dimming or gamma correction ). The default is linear dimming.

  • Generally, the white LED does not have an ultraviolet light source, so it can be used with peace of mind. However, in recent years, the topic of health lighting has also been discussed. Some LED manufacturers can provide white LEDs or full-spectrum LEDs that suppress the blue light spectrum. Our company can also provide related solutions.

  • LED patent. If the LED products used by our company encounter patent problems, our company will seek assistance from LED manufacturers/suppliers to solve the problem. In general, our company will use the world's largest brand LED manufacturers in the products.

Wireless Products

  • The transmission and reception of radio products will affect the stability due to external factors (such as network signal, signal noise, mutual influence of surrounding networks, channel interference and other factors), on-site debugging will help the stability of the product.

  • Different countries have different regulations or certifications for wireless devices. If you want to know more, please contact our technical consultants.

Software support or licensing

  • The software solution is to improve stability through regular software updates. Our company has different cooperation models (Subscription plan) to support the needs of various customers.


  • Customization will be manufactured according to customer requirements, different products have different surcharge. Plan and produce based on mutual agreement and confirmation.

Delivery :

  • Each order can only be shipped to the designated address. 

  • All goods will be sent to you according to the estimated delivery date after the order is completed.

  • Our company will notify the customer as soon as possible due to the shortage of parts and delay the delivery of goods. The company will not be responsible for any loss caused by the delay.

  • Working days, excluding Saturdays/Sundays and public holidays (subject to China and Hong Kong holidays).


Payment method :


International credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, UnionPay), Payme, FPS, AlipayHK.


Payme, FPS, AlipayHK

All products, our company offers the following comprehensive product warranty and supports ︰

  • One year limited warranty and repair (non-human damage or destruction)

  • All product materials are the same as the nominal ones, never use fakes goods

  • All products are sent to customers after strict production management, quality control and testing

  • Online/phone technical support  (professional pre-sales and after-sales service)



If the customer has obvious damage or incorrect products within 3 days after receiving the goods, we will help the customer to replace the same goods after receiving the return (only for the same values, and same models), and will arrange free shipping to the address specified by the customer. Generally, the time required to replace the goods depends on the type of goods.

ZOOMPLUS LIGHTING has the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice, and the right to refuse to replace the product; in case of any dispute, ZOOMPLUS LIGHTING will have the final decision.

NayaWave is trademark of ZOOMPLUS CREATION LIMITED.

ZOOMPLUS is a registered trademark of ZOOMPLUS CREATION LIMITED.

MESHnet is a registered trademark of ZOOMPLUS CREATION LIMITED.


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