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LEDLEX™ 1000 G2

LEDLEX™ 1000 series is a great design product, thanks to flexible, cuttable strip of high quality LED light, has a self-adhesive strip on the back making it easy to apply to most smooth surfaces. Up to 1,200 lm/m luminous flux output, high efficacy up to 153lm/w, a large selection of color temperatures to choose from. Dimmable with PWM technology and can upgrade the solution into wireless control, MESHnet™ PWM is perfect match with LEDLEX™ Series.  
It is ideal for many professional lighting applications including architectural lighting, cove lighting, ceiling integration and wall integration, and a great choice if you want to create distinctive, modern lighting systems. 

LEDLEX™ 1000 G2
Specification Summary.png

1. Insulation Resistance
The IR shall be at least 50MΩ when apply 500Vac between primary and secondary
2. Dielectric Strength ( Hi-POT )
Input to output 3750Vac 60Hz 1 minute 3mA. When AC voltage of 3.75kv is applied, and the voltage applied to the insulation under test is gradually raised from zero to the prescribed voltage in 1s, and held at that value for 60s between the inputs. Output and between the input and housing, the current sensitivity shall be less than 5mA. After this test, the adapter shall exhibit no electrical and mechanical abnormalities.
3. Leakage Current
The leakage current shall be less than 0.25mA for Class II when power supply is operated maximum input voltage and maximum load.
4. Safety Standard
34A-1501NP  IEC:60598-1:2008  IEC61347-1/A1:2010  IEC61347-2-13:2006  IEC62031:2008  IEC62471:2006  IEC62471-2:2009
EN60598-1/A11:2009  EN61347-2-13:2006  EN61347-1/A1:2011  EN62031:2008  EN62471:2008  EN61195:1999  EN62493:2010
5. EMI/EMC Standard
EN55015  EN61000-3-2   EN61000-4-2



◼︎Features and Benefits
  • Flexible and cuttable LED strip

  • Dimmable with PWM technology

  • Wide range 2700K - 6500K CCT selectable, 80 and 90CRI

  • Easy mounting on smooth surface

  • Upgradable to wireless control, prefect match with MESHnet™ PWM

  • Office / Conference room

  • Accommodation (Hotel)

  • Hospitality

  • Retail shop

  • Bank

◼︎Design Resources

        IES File







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