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NayaWave™ AN10

NayaWave™ AN10 is wireless controllable with IOS device. No need for an external gateway. Small form factor for luminaire and simple installation.
NayaWave™ AN10 is an analog lighting control protocol. Basically, a 0-10V control applies a voltage between 0 and 10 volts DC to produce a varying intensity level. Compatible with 0-10V dimmable LED driver which is popular in the market.
25mA current source output can be connected up to 10 LED drivers. Just few steps to upgrade into smart lighting system.

◼︎Features and Benefits
  • Bluetooth proprietary solution for controlling LED lighting

  • User friendly interface in IOS mobile device

  • 0-10V analogue dimming protocol

  • Compatible with 0/1-10V LED driver for LED light control

  • Up to 10 LED driver can be connected for synchronous control

684037_LINEARlight Flex Power 1200.jpg



​規 格 書


​规 格 书

  • Office lighting

  • Amusement

  • Restaurant / Pub

  • Conference room

  • Hotel

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