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NayaWave™ Basic

NayaWave™ Basic is wireless controllable with IOS device. No need for an external gateway. Small form factor for luminaire and simple installation. Single channel output connects to any LED module for , Dimming & On/Off control. Just few steps to upgrade into smart lighting system.
Maximum output up to 4A in a single channel.
Max. power output up to 96Watts*.
NayaWave™ Basic can direct connect standard 24VDC LED Flex or Linear fixture.

◼︎Features and Benefits
  • Bluetooth proprietary solution for controlling LED lighting

  • User friendly interface in IOS mobile device

  • One PWM output connect with LED light engine or fixtures for dim and on/off functions

  • Low voltage input, more safety

684037_LINEARlight Flex Power 1200.jpg



​規 格 書


​规 格 书

  • Cove lighting

  • Office

  • School

  • Club house

  • Beauty center / Spa

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