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NayaWave™ SW4

NayaWave™ WS4 is a wall switches built-in bluetooth controller which can transmit radio wave up to 300M line of sight (LOS). Standard EU electrical box fit. 4 buttons can be pre-set lighting four scenarios, and a variety of brightness and color temperature.
NayaWave™ WS4 is a battery-operated controller, using lithium CR2 3V battery which is popular in the marketplace. Low power consumption can last longer (> 1 year).

◼︎Features and Benefits
  • Standard EU electrical box fit

  • NayaWave™ RC4 provides 4 buttons for pre-set 4 scenes

  • Battery-operated, CR2 3V lithium battery

684037_LINEARlight Flex Power 1200.jpg



​規 格 書


​规 格 书

  • Office lighting

  • Amusement

  • Restaurant / Pub

  • Conference room

  • Hotel

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